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Thank you for being and welcome to the Pineal Podcast. I’m Josh and "I know that I know nothing." So I created this podcast to help awaken my spirit. Every week I’ll track down individuals on their own journeys to explore the ways they think, how they acquired their views on life and seek to discover areas where commonality can be found. A sampling of topics that I want to explore on this show are connection with nature and climate change; our current agricultural system and veganism; individual activism and systems change; public education and population control; drug policy and prison reforms and psychedelic compounds for healing; addiction, health and wellness; gratitude, mediation and yoga; music, travel and community; and morality and religion. Regardless of anyone's beliefs on existence, the fact remains that we all exist on this planet together so let's tap into our empathy, practice love of all life and nurture compassion by acknowledging our interdependence and finding shared values and ways of living to help cultivate understanding and spread awareness.